Best Cycling Shorts For Endurance

Best Shorts For Road Cycling 2021: Protecting The Undercarriage

Are you struggling to find the best cycling shorts for a long ride? You’re seeking comfort whilst still looking good on the bike (and in the coffee shop)? The Sportive Cyclist guide to cycling shorts will tell you everything you need to know (and some stuff you really don’t…)

Submerging a Garmin Edge 530 in water

Is The Garmin Edge 530 Waterproof?

In this post I use the distinctly unscientific approach of dropping an Edge 530 into a glass of water in order to find out if it is waterproof…

How do gears work

Bike Gears: How Do They Work?

Want to understand how bike gears work? Confused about the terminology? This post has all the information you need, explained in simple terms (by a simple man).

Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT review

Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT: An In-Depth Review

I’ve owned a Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT for a while now (like nearly 3½ years), so it’s about time I shared my thoughts in the form of a review. If you’re thinking about buying a new cycling computer, this post will contain all you need to know.

Castelli Perfetto ROS gloves review

Castelli Perfetto ROS Gloves Review

Looking for some new gloves for wet autumn and not-quite-deep-winter road cycling? Check out my review of the Castelli Perfetto ROS gloves, which might just fit the bill.

Pongo socks review

Pongo Cycling Socks Review

Want to add a bit of snazzy colour to your road cycling ‘look’? Or perhaps just have super comfy feetz? Check out this review of my Pongo cycling socks.

Trek Domane Road Bike Rebuild

How To Overhaul A Road Bike

A series of videos showing how I stripped down my Trek Domane 4.3 road bike to a bare frame and then rebuilt it.

Elite Crono Fluid trainer on patio

How To Measure Power On An Indoor Trainer

Not all trainers are smart trainers with in-built power meters. In this post I look at how you can measure, or estimate, your power when using a dumb, or non-smart, indoor trainer.

How To Plan A Cycling Route

How To Plan A Great Road Cycling Route

Is there skill involved in planning a great cycling route? If you know an area then its quite intuitive, or habitual. But what should you think about when planning a great route. This post explores the topic.

Cycling training in Derbyshire

How To Train For Road Cycling

Nine different ways to approach improving your cycling fitness, from ‘just ride more’ to ‘get a coach’ with many other options in between.

Cycling Go Box

Road Bike Hack: The Cycling ‘Go Box’

What is a cycling ‘go box’? In short, somewhere to store all your ride gear so that you don’t waste time faffing before a ride. This post has all the details.

Is A Bike Fit Worth It

Is A Bike Fit Worth It?

Is a bike fit worth it? Short answer: yes. You’ll go faster (all else being equal) and suffer fewer injuries. It’s a no brainer. Read this post if you need more convincing.

What is a MAMIL

What Is A MAMIL (And Are You One)?

We all know MAMIL stands for ‘Middle-Aged Man In Lycra’ but what does it *mean* to be a MAMIL? Is it a badge to wear with honour or mild embarrassment? This post contains my thoughts.


How Do Pro Cyclists Train?

How do professional road cyclists achieve such magnificent feats of speed and endurance? And how can you apply the lessons to your training? This post explains all.

What Bike Do I Need For RideLondon 100

What Bike Do I Need For The RideLondon 100?

Do you need a road bike to complete the RideLondon 100 sportive? If you’re buying a bike, what should you spend and what should you be looking for at each price point? Answers within…

What Is The Best Garmin Edge For Cycling?

Confused by all the different Garmin Edge bike GPS computers on the market? Want to find one to suit your specific needs and budget? Look no further, this post has all the information you need.

Garmin Edge 510 Long Term Review

Garmin Edge 510 Long Term Review

A long-term review of the Garmin Edge 510 bike computer. Which you’ll struggle to buy these days. So not that useful. Still… history.

Road Bikes For Beginners

Road Bikes For Beginners

All you need to know if you are new to the world of road cycling, but keen to learn (and ride) more.

Ultimate Guide To RideLondon

Boom! It’s 20 days until the 2014 running of the RideLondon 100 kicks off (pedals off) from Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Are you excited? You should be*. (* Unless you’re not doing it, in which case, “meh”.) In this post I’m going to rehash share some of the stuff I’ve …

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How To Make Your Bike Lighter

As a Grimpeur Heureux reader, I’m sure you’ve already achieved your optimum cycling body fat percentage, so this post is going to look at how you can make your bike lighter. Let’s face it, for finely-honed athletes such as ourselves, the weight of our bike (and associated equipment) is the …

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What To Wear Cycling: Review

This is an app that gives cycling clothing recommendations based on the weather where you are. I tried it out and here are my thoughts.

Do You Need a Cycling Coach?

I am in no doubt that employing a cycling coach would lead to an exponential improvement in my performance on the bike. Yet, whilst I frequently consider hypothetical scenarios for spending thousands of pounds to ‘build out’ my portfolio of bikes, I have tended to dismiss coaching as being too expensive or …

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