4 Steps To Your First Long Sportive

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I’ve written loads of stuff about my preparation for RideLondon, including:

  • analysis of the route and the hills
  • training
  • what to eat and drink on the ride
  • what to carry round on the day

You can check all that out on the blog later.

For now, please download my FREE ebook guide to completing your first long sportive (the link is at the bottom of this page):

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What Is It About?

As the name suggests, it’s a guide aimed at helping you prepare for, complete and enjoy your first long distance sportive.

I completed my first ‘Imperial Century’ (the cycling term for a 100-mile bike ride) at the beginning of August 2013 by participating in the inaugural RideLondon 100. This guide is based on all that I learnt in preparing for, and finishing, that event.

Whilst it’s based on my experiences undertaking a 100-mile event, the advice is valid for other distances as well (well, maybe not for track sprint).

Who Should Read It?

Everyone. Or at least you (yes, you!).

The guide aims to help anyone who has entered (or is considering entering) a long-distance sportive and would like some sensible advice on what to do next.

I am still at the beginning of my road cycling journey. I wrote this guide within weeks of finishing my first century. The concerns of novice riders are still fresh in my mind.

What If I’ve Already Completed A Long Sportive?

Well, you don’t have to read it then.

It is written by me though. If you like my writing style and you like sportives then I hope you’ll enjoy the guide.

Who knows, maybe there’ll be something in it that you find useful.

Wait! There Are Bonuses!

Everyone loves a bonus.

In this case, there are two.

In addition to the (excellent) guide, I’ve provided:

  1. my checklists for what I wore and took with me on RideLondon (updated to reflect what I actually used); and
  2. a ‘somewhat questionable’ set of guidelines for how best to spend the night before your first long distance sportive.

It’s A Deal. It’s A Steal. It’s The Sale Of The Fugging Century (Ride)

Did I mention that it’s FREE!

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