A Word About Affiliate Links

Some of the links that you’ll find on my blog are affiliate links.

That means, should you click on one of them and then buy something from whoever I’ve linked to, I get a commission.

You pay the same price – there is no cost to you from clicking an affiliate link.

Generally you’ll find affiliate links where I have tested or talked about a product I use. To be on the safe side, you can assume that all links to cycling or other retailers (e.g. Amazon) are affiliate links.

I will never use affiliate links to products I’m not comfortable with or are just plain dodgy. You’d like to think I wouldn’t link to these things full stop, but sometimes I do post when drunk, so you never know.

Peace. Out.

Monty - Sportive Cyclist
Monty is an enthusiastic road cyclist with only moderate talent. He started Sportive Cyclist in 2013 to record the journey to his first 100 mile ride, the RideLondon 100. Over time the blog has expanded to include training advice, gear reviews and road cycling tales, all from the perspective of a not-very-fit MAMIL. Since you're here, Monty would also like you to check out his YouTube channel. Also, Monty really needs to stop referring to himself in the third person.