About Sportive Cyclist

Sportive Cyclist is a website dedicated to helping you get more out of your sportive cycling.

If you’ve just signed up for your first sportive, Sportive Cyclist will help you prepare. You want to finish your event, achieve your best time and have fun doing it.

If you’ve already got a few completed sportives under your belt, Sportive Cyclist will help you improve your training and your performance.

But It’s A Blog, Right?

Yes, it’s a blog. My blog.

Each week (give or take) I write a beguiling and tantalising entertaining and informative post to help you develop your sportive cycling knowledge/skills/fashion sense. Sometimes I draw a little something. Sometimes I try to sell you my book (did I mention I wrote a book?).

I urge you to make arrangements to find out when I publish a post. And the best way to do that is…

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Sportive cyclists toolbox

The Sportive Cyclist’s Toolbox is a collection of resources that help you prepare for and (most importantly) ENJOY your sportive cycling.

I’ll be adding new resources to the toolbox regularly, making it a must-have ‘wiki’ for any self-respecting sportive cyclist.

If you sign up right now, you’ll get access to:

  • My free 56-page ebook: 4 Steps To Your First Long Distance Sportive; and
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As a subscriber you’ll get an email from me each time a new post is published on the blog. You’ll also receive an introductory sequence of messages that acquaints you with all the ‘vital’ information hidden deep within the bowels of the blog. Now there’s an offer you can’t refuse.

I’ll let you know each time I add a new resource to the Sportive Cyclist’s Toolbox. Next on the list is a worksheet to help time-starved cyclists find more time to train.

About The Author

My name is Monty and I’m absolutely unqualified to write a website dedicated to road cycling. And perhaps that’s why you should read it.

andrew montgomery sportive cyclist

Seeking training advice can sometimes be intimidating, learning from athletically-blessed coaches that can’t really understand the needs and insecurities of novice and intermediate cyclists. My athletic ‘gifts’ mean that I’m destined to remain a mediocre cyclist. I feel your pain!

Like you, I don’t have limitless cash for buying bikes, clothing and equipment, or unlimited time in which to train.

With Sportive Cyclist, I want to help you achieve more with less.

No Gits Allowed

Sportive Cyclist welcomes all the cycling tribes (even those that don’t have road bikes [sharp intake of breath]). We find bike bores distasteful.

I provide a supportive environment in which you can share your cycling aspirations and concerns.

I try to provide helpful advice and encouragement, all wrapped up in some entertaining and engaging wordsmithery (or something).

Help Me To Help You

So if, like me, you want to ride faster for longer, test the limits of your endurance, and simply have a great time on the bike, sign up to receive Sportive Cyclist by email.

(I already told you about getting free access to my great Sportive Cyclist’s Toolbox)

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  1. Sorry I wanted to know about Box & Leith Hill but your site cut to your Sportive Blog which I am not really interested in.
    Good luck with it though.

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