Are You Looking For An Entry For RideLondon 2016?

… then look no further, dear cyclist. I might have just what you’re looking for.

Perhaps you missed out on a spot in the ballot? Or you couldn’t commit to raising £500 for a given charity?

Maybe you’ve only just heard of the RideLondon sportive (where have you been!?) and you’re finding that places are now largely gone.

Whatever. Fear not. I have some….

Boas Notícias

Task Brasil Trust, a charity that provides shelter and support to street children in Rio de Janeiro, has still got places for cyclists that want to take part in the 2016 running of RideLondon (whoop!).

If you ride for Task Brasil, not only do you get the fantastic experience of taking part in a huge, closed road sportive around London and its environs, you get to spend the whole of August reminding people of your generosity whenever the Olympics comes on the TV.

If you ride for Task Brasil, registration is free and they set you a fund raising target of £200+, which is very much achievable.

In fact, if you sign up with Task Brasil, send me the details of your online fundraising page and I’ll start you off with a donation*.

(*I should probably limit this to the first couple of people that get in touch, in order to avoid bankruptcy….)


Muito bom.

All you have to do if you’d like to register or would like more information is to email Nichola at [email protected] or call Task Brasil on 020 7735 5545.

Still On The Fence? Here’s Why You Should RideLondon

Come on. We should all know the answer to this one by now. You’ve been here long enough.

A quick recap: I wrote about the 11 reasons you (yes, you!) must do RideLondon in this post here.

In short, RideLondon was one of my favourite days on a bike.

Right. Here endeth today’s public service announcement. Carry on about your business.


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  1. Hi Andrew, I’ve just applied for this by emailing the completed form (no reply by phone). Hopefully I will be successful, but as their website says, they hold guaranteed places, so I’ll just wait with baited breath to see if I get one of these.


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