Castelli Perfetto ROS Gloves Review

The Castelli Perfetto ROS gloves are my new favourite gloves for wet autumn (Fall! for the American-folk) and not-quite-deep-winter road cycling.

Here’s a little video review I made, brought to you from the Sportive Cyclist Service Course:

They are are made from the same material as my trusty Perfetto foul weather jersey (Gore-Tex Infinium Windstopper – I’ve missed out the ‘TM’ and the little ‘R in a circle’). The cuffs are stretchy, meaning you can get them on easily, but still maintain a reasonably weatherproof seal around your wrists.

The gloves are reasonably lightweight (the Castelli website says 55g) and slimline. They certainly don’t have the bulk of other winter gloves. I can wear them and still change gears (result!) and get stuff out of my jersey pockets (dobla resulta!).

As a Raynaud’s sufferer (Google it: cold finger tips; pain), I’m pretty particular about my winter pinky protection (which sounds odd written down). These gloves get the Raynaud’s (very unofficial) seal of approval.

They are not *quite* warm enough for the coldest of rides (for these, I revert to my bulkier Sealskin full winter gloves – reviewed here). However, for the majority of ‘use cases’ (basically, everything other than summer), these are now my go-to-gloves.

For a slightly more objective guide, the Castelli website (them again!) suggests the Perfetto ROS gloves are for use in the temperature range, 6-10 °C (43-50 °F).

Castelli Perfetto ROS Gloves

Stretchy warm fabric and a fleecy liner make these my 'go to' winter gloves for all but the most extreme Arctic conditions. The optimal balance of warmth without being too bulky.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I have these gloves and like them for their looks, warmth and lack of bulk. One minor quibble I have: The cuffs are rather long and get in the way of the watch I wear to measure my heartrate.


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