Submerging a Garmin Edge 530 in water

Is The Garmin Edge 530 Waterproof?

In this post I use the distinctly unscientific approach of dropping an Edge 530 into a glass of water in order to find out if it is waterproof…

Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT review

Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT: An In-Depth Review

I’ve owned a Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT for a while now (like nearly 3½ years), so it’s about time I shared my thoughts in the form of a review. If you’re thinking about buying a new cycling computer, this post will contain all you need to know.

Elite Crono Fluid trainer on patio

How To Measure Power On An Indoor Trainer

Not all trainers are smart trainers with in-built power meters. In this post I look at how you can measure, or estimate, your power when using a dumb, or non-smart, indoor trainer.

What Is The Best Garmin Edge For Cycling?

Confused by all the different Garmin Edge bike GPS computers on the market? Want to find one to suit your specific needs and budget? Look no further, this post has all the information you need.

Garmin Edge 510 Long Term Review

Garmin Edge 510 Long Term Review

A long-term review of the Garmin Edge 510 bike computer. Which you’ll struggle to buy these days. So not that useful. Still… history.