Cycling training in Derbyshire

How To Train For Road Cycling

Nine different ways to approach improving your cycling fitness, from ‘just ride more’ to ‘get a coach’ with many other options in between.

Is A Bike Fit Worth It

Is A Bike Fit Worth It?

Is a bike fit worth it? Short answer: yes. You’ll go faster (all else being equal) and suffer fewer injuries. It’s a no brainer. Read this post if you need more convincing.


How Do Pro Cyclists Train?

How do professional road cyclists achieve such magnificent feats of speed and endurance? And how can you apply the lessons to your training? This post explains all.

Faster Michael Hutchinson

Book Review: Faster by Michael Hutchinson

My attempt at a book review of the altogether very good, ‘Faster’ by Michael Hutchinson (Dr Hutch). If you want to get faster, you’d do well to read it (the review and the book).

Do You Need a Cycling Coach?

I am in no doubt that employing a cycling coach would lead to an exponential improvement in my performance on the bike. Yet, whilst I frequently consider hypothetical scenarios for spending thousands of pounds to ‘build out’ my portfolio of bikes, I have tended to dismiss coaching as being too expensive or …

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