Crowdsourcing My Cycling Christmas List

I have decided that today you are going to help me out.

What right do I have to do that? Well, it’s my blog and I’m an aspiring megalomaniac.

But luckily, by helping me, you will in fact be helping yourselves.

You help me help you.

We all help together.

[Stop blathering Montgomery. What are you going on about?]

Today’s discussion: Christmas presents for cyclists.

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How I Watch The Tour de France

Tour De France 2007
The 2007 Tour… in Maidstone, Kent

Despite being a keen follower of pro-cycling, I try not to mention it too much on this blog. The Grimpeur Heureux is for recreational road cyclists that want to put their rump on the saddle, not the sofa. Other blogs cover the pro-cycling scene in far more depth (and far more coherently) than I ever could.

But with less than 48 hours to this year’s grand depart, it seems remiss not to at least mention the Tour de France.

Rather than talk about the route, the riders and the hotly-anticipated Promenade des Anglais*, I thought I would summarise the ‘resources’** I use to maximise my enjoyment of the event, some of which you might find interesting.

* Note 1: This is a very sophisticated, multi-level bon mot that I have stolen unashamedly from

** Note 2: ‘Resources’ being websites and twitter feeds, rather than le dopage.

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Bucket Lists for Cyclists: What Do You Have On Yours?

Bucket list
What’s on your bucket list?

Whether it’s scaling the 21 switchbacks of Alpe D’Huez or building your own bike frame, we all have our own cycling ambitions.

For some, these desires remain hidden – unvoiced within the depths of our brains. Others delight in listing their objectives, for their own amusement or to share with others.

That’s where a bucket list comes in.

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If you only read one cycling post today: my top 6 beautiful bike-related websites

Cycling is a many varied and wonderful thing. Today’s post aims to introduce you to some of the great bike-related blogs and websites that I peruse on a regular basis.

I know. Some of you read my cycling blog because you know me and you want to find out what I’m up to. You may only have a passing interest in cycling or perhaps no interest at all. This post is for you as well.

Maybe you are more interested in design or photography or beautiful clothing. If you are, then take a look below.

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