RideLondon(-Surrey…) 2018: My ‘Race’ Report

I am sitting here eating my second cake of the day.

Since the conclusion of my RideLondon ride, I’ve consumed, inter alia, an Indian takeaway, a jumbo sausage roll from the West Cornwall Pasty Company and the aforementioned dos pasteles. I need to write about my RideLondon 2018 experience so that, if nothing else, I can reach closure and stop eating junk.

So behold, my RideLondon-Surrey 100 race report.

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Riding a Century Sportive in 2018

Riding A Century Sportive In 2018 (I Got A Place In The RideLondon 100 Ballot!)

Well it looks like I’m riding 100 miles this summer.

It had to happen eventually. After 6 attempts, I’ve finally won a place in the RideLondon 100 ballot.

And gosh darn it I’m going to ride it.

In fact I’m not just going to ride it, I’m going to train for it.

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What Should I Wear On RideLondon (And Other Questions)?

The RideLondon 100 (and its new 46 sibling) is an unusual sportive. Due to its size and location, it presents logistical challenges for riders and organisers alike. On the participant side, it’s not just a case of rocking up with a car boot (trunk) full of kit and a few gels in your pocket and knocking out a cheeky century.

It’s therefore entirely reasonable that first-time participants have questions, not all of which are answered in the organiser’s bumf.

Here are some questions sent in by reader, Ian, which I will attempt to answer. Can I also ask the Sportive Cyclist hive mind (particularly those of you that have RiddenLondon already), to chime in with your views. Every little helps….

So, those questions….

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What Bike Do I Need For RideLondon 100

What Bike Do I Need For The RideLondon 100?

… Or indeed any other 100-mile sportive or gran fondo?

This post has been prompted by a reader question over on the Sportive Cyclist Facebook page.

Yes, there is a Sportive Cyclist Facebook page. And yes, this blog has the occasional reader.

So, to repeat, what bike would be suitable for the RideLondon 100 sportive?

This question wasn’t sent in to me by a recently-retired pro, looking to record the course record. There’s no need to discuss the relative merits of a five grand Pinarello versus a top-of-the-range Trek.

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RideLondon 100: Food, Drink, Toilets and Tackle (Some Logistical And Equipment Thoughts)

The RideLondon 100 is just around the corner, a fact that is no doubt occupying the minds of many a Sportive Cyclist reader.

If you’re not doing RideLondon (hell, you’ve maybe not even heard of it), perhaps you have another long distance sportive on your target list.

I’ll assume your training is going to plan (c’mon, as the advert said, “P M A”).

So let’s talk logistics. Specifically, what are you going to eat and drink on the ride, what are you going to wear, and what are you going to carry on the bike (for mechanicals and some such).

There is no right answer to this. Much is about personal preference. The clearest way to present this post (and the easiest way for me to write it) is to assume I’m doing RideLondon at the start of August (sadly I’m not – damn ballot…) and simply to tell you what I’d be wearing, eating and tool-carrying.

Feel free to disagree, add to, ridicule or comment in the, er, comments section below the post.

On with le show.

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How To Train On RideLondon Climbs

How To Train On ‘RideLondon’ Hills When You Live Nowhere Near London

So you buy my argument that the best way to tackle your fear of Leith Hill (or Box or Mont Ventoux) is to ride it before event day.

Fine. But what if you live nowhere near London?

A multi-hour drive (or flight) to recon the Surrey hills seems a little over the top.

In this post I’m going to show you how to use Strava (other ride mapping apps are available) to identify local climbs with similar characteristics to your nemesis climb.

Prove to yourself that you can conquer the dummy and then you’ll know you can summit the target climb. Quod erat demonstrandum.

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RideLondon 2014: Share Your Success

Pour the water out of your wellies cycling shoes. Wring out your bibshorts. RideLondon became SwimLondon.

No matter (certainly not to me, sat in the dry in Derbyshire).

I hypothesise that the majority of participants had a great time, irrespective of the weather and the slight shortening of the course.

(And yes, the medal in the photo is from 2013 – I didn’t get a place in the 2014 ballot, though I did get a rain jacket…).

Help Me Test My Hypothesis – Share Your RideLondon Story

I’ve already received a few emails from drowned rats readers but I WANT TO HEAR MORE!

Let me know in the comments below how your day went: what you enjoyed, what you found tough, how you felt at the end.

If you want, think of it as a short message to your former (pre-RideLondon) self.

Inspire that person to make sure they enter the ballot again at the start of next year (as I intend to).

There Is No Prize For Commenting

Only the warm glow of a job done well and the flickering candle of hope that you too, may inspire someone to pick up a sturdy steel, carbon, alloy, bamboo steed and cycle a long way…

Got it?

COMMENT! Grazi in advance…

Ultimate Guide To RideLondon

Boom! It’s 20 days until the 2014 running of the RideLondon 100 kicks off (pedals off) from Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Are you excited? You should be*.

(* Unless you’re not doing it, in which case, “meh”.)

In this post I’m going to rehash share some of the stuff I’ve produced over the last 18 months relating to RideLondon. The aim is to inspire, inform and excite you, as well as reassuring anyone that’s having a last minute attack of nerves (headline message: DON’T PANIC, it’s going to be great).

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