Best Cycling Shorts For Endurance

Best Shorts For Road Cycling 2021: Protecting The Undercarriage

Are you struggling to find the best cycling shorts for a long ride? You’re seeking comfort whilst still looking good on the bike (and in the coffee shop)? The Sportive Cyclist guide to cycling shorts will tell you everything you need to know (and some stuff you really don’t…)

Castelli Perfetto ROS gloves review

Castelli Perfetto ROS Gloves Review

Looking for some new gloves for wet autumn and not-quite-deep-winter road cycling? Check out my review of the Castelli Perfetto ROS gloves, which might just fit the bill.

Pongo socks review

Pongo Cycling Socks Review

Want to add a bit of snazzy colour to your road cycling ‘look’? Or perhaps just have super comfy feetz? Check out this review of my Pongo cycling socks.

Stolen Goat ONE bib shorts review title

My Review of the Stolen Goat Bodyline ONE Bib Shorts

A long term review of the Stolen Goat ONE bib shorts, written by a keen amateur cyclist with a talent for writing amusing words about lycra. In short, these shorts are excellent. Read my review for more indepth analysis and to see photos of me wearing them.

What To Wear Cycling: Review

This is an app that gives cycling clothing recommendations based on the weather where you are. I tried it out and here are my thoughts.