Cycling GPS Comparison Table

As the title suggests, this page contains a table that compares the features of cycling GPS devices made by the likes of Garmin, Bryton, Polar and Timex.

If you want to learn more about cycle GPS as a concept, why not take a look at my Ultimate Guide To GPS post.

The table should be pretty self explanatory. If you need to check anything, the key is below the table.

Finally, do note that the table contains affiliate links. They don’t cost you anything, but if you click on a link and buy something, I’ll receive a small (very small!) percentage, which goes towards the costs of running this site.

Cycling GPS Comparison Table

MakeModelPhotoWeight (g)ScreenTouch screenBatt LifeMapsHRAltimeterPowerPrice
GarminEdge 1000Garmin Edge 1000114.5Colour (color...)YUp to 15hYY*YY^ (ANT+)$$$$$
GarminEdge 810Garmin Edge 81098ColorYUp to 17hYY*YY^ (ANT+)$$$$
GarminEdge 520Garmin Edge 520 side view60gColorNUp to 15hNY*YY^ (ANT+)$$$
GarminEdge 510Edge 510 map screen80ColorYUp to 20hNY*YY^ (ANT+)$$
GarminEdge 500Garmin Edge 50056.7MonoNUp to 18hNY*YY^ (ANT+)$$
GarminEdge 20058.5MonoNUp to 14hNNNN$
GarminEdge 25Garmin Edge 2525MonoNUp to 8hNY*Y N$
TimexT5K615 Cycle Trainern/aMonoNUp to 18hNYYY^ (ANT+)$$
BrytonRider 20H40MonoNUp to 20hNY^ (ANT+)NN$
BrytonRider 21 E40MonoNUp to 17hNY^ (ANT+)YNn/a
BrytonRider 3556MonoNUp to 35hNY^ (ANT+)YY^ (ANT+)$
BrytonRider 4054MonoNUp to 30hNY^ (ANT+)YY^ (ANT+)$$
BrytonRider 50106ColorNUp to 15hYY^ (ANT+)YY^ (ANT+)$$$
PolarCS600 GPSn/aMonoNUp to 20hNYYY^ (Polar)$$$$


Maps = Denotes whether the device has navigable maps (a la satnav). Units that show waypoints or other similar ‘lo-fi’ navigation ability are classified as ‘N’

HR = Denotes whether device can receive, manipulate and display heart rate data (using a compatible heart rate monitor strap)

Altimeter = Denotes that the device has its own barometric altimeter, in addition to elevation information provided by GPS/mapping data

Power = Denotes whether device can receive, manipulate and display heart rate data (using a compatible power meter)

Price = Shows an approximation of the relative price points of each device

Rating = The average rating for the model on Amazon (note: some ratings are based on a small number of reviews)

* = Denotes that applicable accessory (e.g. heart rate monitor strap) may or may not be bundled with the device, depending on the package purchased

^ = Denotes that applicable accessory (e.g. power meter) is required for designated function (i.e. recording power output)

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