Help Me Create A Cycling Training Programme That Works

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You train on your bike but you’re not really following a programme
  • Your life is busy and you struggle to make time for training – but you’re not sure how to use that time effectively
  • There’s so much advice out there, in magazines, newspapers and the interwebs – you’re no longer sure what works and what might be holding your cycling performance back

I want to help you change all that.

I’m Forming A Tribe (Put On Your Loincloth)

I’m putting together an online cycling training programme and I’d like to join me.

I’m looking for a small group of 10-20 charter members to work with me as initial participants. You’ll be helping to set the content and format of the programme, to make it as useful and effective for cyclists like you.

Whilst the precise features of the programme will evolve over time, as a charter member you’ll be in line for:

  • a tailored training programme suited to your fitness and event objectives
  • personal performance advice, on subjects including nutrition, mindset, equipment
  • regular encouragement from me and the other participants to make sure you stick to the programme
  • membership of a community of like-minded riders, keen to support one another to achieve our fitness goals (and who want to have fun whilst doing it)

In short, I’m looking to combine the best features of one-on-one coaching and a friendly cycling club, delivered via t’internet at a reasonable monthly price.

“Sounds… Interesting, Tell Me More”

If this sounds like something you’d like to be involved in (hell, you can even help me choose the name), enter your email address in the box below (or at the bottom of the page).

To be clear, this isn’t going to be a quick fix solution to your fitness needs. I am not the possessor of a magical performance secret. I’m simply going to help you to do the work, and to do it effectively.

This programme isn’t for you if you can’t commit to doing the work.

It is for you, however, if:

  • you’re motivated to improve your cycling performance (even if you may need the odd (virtual) helping hand to push you out of the door)
  • you’ve ridden your first sportive (or a number of them) – now you’re focused on getting quicker and stronger
  • you’re enthusiastic about cycling (life, the universe) and open to trying new things (don’t panic – I’m not going to be suggesting anything kinky…)

“Who Are You To Be Building This Programme?”

30 Day Cycling Challenge Day 6In short, I’m a mediocre cyclist and a part-qualified cycling coach.

What I do have is an enquiring mind and a desire to help you achieve your cycling goals (by hook or by crook).

(Also, GSOH)

I haven’t forgotten the struggle to build cycling fitness (how I can forget when I feel it each day). I know what it’s like to cut short a sportive because my legs are cramping halfway up a hill, with more climbing to come (truth).

I won’t intimidate you with my athletic prowess (chance would be a fine thing). Instead I will support and encourage you to achieve your goals and build your fitness.

Ok, I’m Interested. What Do I Do Next?

I’m limiting the first batch of participants to 10-20 people (to make sure everyone gets personal attention), so I’m hoping the spots will go quickly.

If you want to be the first to hear when the programme goes live, enter your email below and I’ll be in touch.


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