Fitting a Token Ninja Trek BB90 Bottom Bracket

If you’re looking for information on fitting the Token Ninja alternative to the Trek BB90 bottom bracket… well you’ve come to the right place.

To be honest, the information is best delivered in visual form, so here is my YouTube video:

Some salient points:

  • I decided to replace the standard Trek press-fit BB90 bearings because I was sick of them going rusty and squeaky
  • I have replaced the official bearings before – here’s the link to my post on removing and installing new BB90 bearings (on a Trek Domane – but applies to other bikes)
  • The Token Ninja is a sort of ‘screw together’ bottom bracket, rather than press-fit or threaded.
  • You need the dedicated Token tool (specific to this model of bottom bracket) to fit it. This tool is a pain to get hold of. I’ve bought two of them now (I helped a Canadian viewer of my YouTube channel out by sending him my first one) – both times from the Token distributor based in Poland (I’m in the UK).
  • Getting the press-fit BB90 bearings out of the bike is a pain (watch the video). Fitting the new Token Ninja bottom bracket is a breeze. It’s harder to get the fitting tool than it is to install the bottom bracket.
  • I’ve had the Token Ninja BB90 fitted for well over 12 months now and it’s still working well (though in recent months, this bike has been installed on my Wahoo KICKR indoor trainer). No creaks and I have no concerns. At some point soon, I’ll get the bike in the stand and take a proper look at it.
Monty - Sportive Cyclist
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3 thoughts on “Fitting a Token Ninja Trek BB90 Bottom Bracket”

  1. Hi Monty
    Re the Token Ninja BB90 solution – it is a great idea. Have you seen that you can get a replacement bearing so that you can replace the bearing with the sleeve left in the bike? It is available at

    I have a pair of bearings & a Wheels Mfg puller to remove the old bearings safely. However, the bearing is an odd size (OD 34mm) & shape. Consequently, I don’t have a suitable drift to press the new bearing in. Any ideas??

  2. I just replace it same method you clip here by a shop who a prepare part and important mechanic tool (ninja) its so smooth and solve my left side of BB creaking sound and over loosed.


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