Help A (Poor) Cyclo-Blogger Out (Pretty Please…) 

In today’s post I’m going to ask you for a favour. Please send me money.

I jest.


Ahem, I jest once more.

In fact it’s a favour of non-monetary value.

Please Release Me (Let Me Go)

Over the past three (count ’em) years I’ve written a lot of words. Some of those words have been helpful to the readers of this blog. People have even *thanked* me for what I’ve written.

I’d really like more people to read my words.

One way that people find my blog is through searching for something on Google and my blog showing up in the search results. I’d love for my blog to show up more times in more search results.

Part of the Google algorithm for determining which websites they show depends on how many links that point to a site and the quality – i.e. ‘non-spaminess’ – of those links.

I’m looking to increase the number of links pointing to Sportive Cyclist from other websites. Ideally not pornny ones.

Here Comes The Favour Request

Do you have a blog or website? Or do you know someone that has a blog or writes for a blog? Are you a member of a cycling club or organisation (or a charity) that has a website?

(If you don’t have a blog, you can still help – please skip to the next section)

If so, I’d love it if you could point a link at my site. Either to the homepage ( or to any post you’ve found particularly useful or entertaining.

A good place might be in your sidebar, or on a ‘useful links/resources’ page (if you have one).

If you’ve a cycling-related site, I’d be happy to reciprocate with a link from my ‘Useful Cycling Links‘ page.

If you’re a cycling club member, maybe you could email the gal or guy that runs their website and coerce them politely request that they point a link to my site (perhaps the Training and Technique page)?

Even if your site isn’t related to cycling, I’d still be grateful for a link. I’m a master wrangler of words – I reckon I could shoehorn an appropriate link to my site from a guest post on your site.

If You Don’t Blog…

You can still help me and my site out, even if you are sans blog, in one of the following ways:

1. Email a link to my blog to all your friends/acquaintances/enemies who have even a passing interest in cycling. If you’re an email subscriber, you could just forward on one of my emails (perhaps not the one that announced this current post though – it’s a bit niche…)

2. If you’re a forum/discussion board reader and commenter, and you come across a topic I’ve talked about, feel free to post a link to one of my articles in the thread (following the rules for that forum of course)

3. If you’re doing RideLondon (or another bike ride) for a charity, email them a link to my blog as a helpful resource for their riders.

I’m All Out Of Love (Ideas), I’m So Lost Without You

I’m very grateful for all of you that have taken time out of your day to read my posts.

I get fantastic detailed and insightful comments below each post, from readers with generous fingertips and magnificent cyclo-brains.

I’m keen to share Sportive Cyclist as widely as possible. If you’ve got alternative ideas to the ones I’ve outlined above, I’d be keen to hear them (feel free to use the comments section below).

In the meantime, safe cycling and peace, out.


3 thoughts on “Help A (Poor) Cyclo-Blogger Out (Pretty Please…) ”

  1. Hello Andrew,
    I got a chance to connect with you on Twitter and I found this post. Love it! Where is your PayPal Buy Now Button? Just Kidding.
    Where is your PayPal button?
    I’m always looking to make more blogging friends. I’ve been doing this for about 10 months now. Same as you, I am looking for more targeted traffic and more subscribers I can serve.
    I got you on my list and i will be stopping by to comment and share with my audience whenever I get the chance. I’m out here providing value to people, just like you.
    Thanks Andrew!


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