LifeLine/X-Tools Pro Torque Wrench Review

Here is my video review of the LifeLine (or X-Tools) Pro Torque Wrench Set.

I don’t have an exemplary record when it comes to bike maintenance. In truth it makes me nervous. Whether it’s a mental block or a fact, it generally seems that when I attempt to fix or tweak a component on my bike, the issue I’m trying to solve gets worse.

Oh to be one of those patient engineering types that can calmly fettle away on their bike and get it running as smooth as a newly opened tub of chammy cream.

I also have a sense that I should be competent at mechanical things, as a key component of being ‘a real man’ (not one of these cosseted types that can only do something if there is an app involved). Also I’m a cycling blogger. Being inept at fixing bikes doesn’t sit right.

So I keep trying and generally muddle though. As part of this strategy I bought a torque wrench.

In this video, I ‘review’ said torque wrench, talk about which ‘bits’ come with it, and show you how I use it.

In short I’ve been very pleased with it. Quality and accuracy seems high. The price is reasonable.

Keen-eyed viewers will note that the box, and the tool, says ‘X-Tools’ on it. Wiggle have sold this torque wrench under both brands (both are Wiggle ‘own brands’). It’s the same tool and my same (somewhat garbled) thoughts apply to both.

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If you want to buy this torque wrench, here are the links:

What Is A Torque Wrench?

Thought you might ask that. It’s a wrench (yes!) where the link between the handle and the head (the bit you attach to the thing you’re tightening) pivots at a given level of resistance.

The idea is that the wrench can’t tighten the ‘thing’ (the bolt, the screw, the nut) beyond a certain level of tightness. The wrench wrangler sets that level of resistance (or, you guessed it, torque, measured in Newton meters, or Nm), generally by rotating a dial at the end of the handle.

It’s probably best if you just look at the picture above, because the thing in my hand is a torque wrench.

Why Do Cyclists Need a Torque Wrench?

Well they don’t. You could quite reasonably say that any job needing a torque wrench should be left to an expert. And then go quite happily about your velo business.

But for the grease monkey, qualified or aspiring, torque wrenches are able to tighten things to precise levels of tightness. This is important to make sure that (a) things don’t fall off your bike; and on the other side (b) that you don’t crush bits of your expensive carbon frame through over-tightening.

Some people tighten things by hand, judging the right level of resistance by feelz. You could certainly adopt this approach. I just don’t trust myself enough.

Want to Know More About Torque Wrenches For Cyclists?

I’ve got you covered (as they say). Read my extensive post on the best torque wrenches for bikes.

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