Pongo Cycling Socks Review

Well, this is a post (okay, mainly a video) that does exactly what it says on the tin.

I ‘review’ a couple of pairs of Pongo London cycling socks, which I bought last year and have been wearing since (not all the time – sometimes they’re in the wash).

As I may have mentioned in my somewhat-ultimate guide to the best socks for road cycling, there is only so much you can say about socks. But HOT DADDY I’m going to say it.

Ahem. Here’s the video:

The main three things you might care about, in no particular order:

What Do They Look Like?

Socks. Next question!

For both pairs, I chose the classic plain design, but in bright colours: one pair to match the colour band on my Stolen Goat cycling shorts; the other pair to match the trademark Bianchi celeste colour on another cycling kit.

I think they look great. The advantage of a YouTubez video is that you can see yourself rather than having to rely on my sartorial judgement.

Are They Comfortable?

Yes, the material (polyamide) fits snugly around the foot and has always felt comfortable when I’m out on a ride. They don’t cost too much, so I’d just suggest giving them a try. If you like the fit, buy more pairs. If not, well at least you gave them a fair crack of the whip (or something).

How Have They Fared Over Time?

Some people (including my son) are hard on socks. Perhaps they have overly pointy feet. They’re always going through them at the toes. I am not one of those people.

That said, I’ve worn my Pongo’s in reasonably inclement riding conditions. I’ve not seen any indications of wear, whether that’s a hole or a thinning of the material.

Nor have I seen any fading in the colour of the fabric (or discolouration caused by road juice).


You might be able to guess at this:

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