RideLondon 100: Please Sponsor the Grimpeur In Aid of Macmillan Cancer Support

RideLondon for MacmillanReaders of this blog have probably picked up on the fact that I will be taking part in the inaugural RideLondon-Surrey 100 cyclosportive in August.

As the name suggests, the event is a 100 mile bike ride that loops out from London into Surrey, before returning for a triumphal sprint along the Champs Elysees the Mall.

I am not a naturally gifted athlete. 100 miles is considerably further than I have ever cycled before. Just over half way around, I’ll have to climb a series of hills, including the foreboding Leith Hill and the Olympics-gilded Box Hill. I’ll be putting in considerable training time and effort in order to make sure I finish, ideally with some of my dignity left intact.

What has this got to do with you, you ask?

Well, I want you to sponsor me.

Why am I supporting Macmillan?

I have strong personal reasons for supporting a cancer charity.

Last year saw the death of John, my wife’s stepfather, from a particularly aggressive form of bladder cancer.

John was a truly awesome person. He was a practical man that delighted in helping others. His patience and good humour were demonstrated on a frequent basis, as he helped me resolve my latest DIY blunder.

Despite never having had children of his own and really only entering my wife’s life as she turned 18 and left for university, John embraced our children as if they were his own grandchildren (to all intents and purposes, they were). He spent hours building train tracks with our son and showing him his treasured collection of Matchbox cars (his ‘swapsies’ – even I wasn’t allowed to handle his first editions). Even though he only saw the first 18 months of our daughter’s life, he thought her wonderful.

I want to raise as much money as possible for Macmillan in order to honour John’s memory.

What do Macmillan do?

Macmillan logo RideLondonMacmillan provides practical, medical and financial support to people diagnosed with cancer and their families. Having seen firsthand the pain and suffering that comes from a cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment, I believe that the help that Macmillan provides is vital.

The NHS is under increasing financial pressure. Its ability to provide support to those with cancer, and particularly those in its terminal stages is limited. Macmillan provides that support. We, in turn, need to support Macmillan.

Why should you sponsor me?

I would really appreciate it if you could sponsor me. You can donate as little or as much as you feel able.

If you have enjoyed reading the Grimpeur Heureux blog, then perhaps you could consider a small donation to Macmillan by way of thanks.

You might have noticed that there are no adverts on the site. The situation may change in the future, but for now and certainly until after the RideLondon event takes place, I will not be using the blog in any money making capacity.

If you are one of my former investment banking colleagues, then reach deep into those pockets of yours and give generously!

How can you sponsor me?

It couldn’t be easier. Simply click on this link to the mydonate website:


I chose mydonate because after some extensive research (i.e. a Google search), I determined that they have the lowest transaction fee of all the online charity websites. For every £10 you donate, £12.35 goes to the charity (due to gift aid), with only 15p going to mydonate as transaction charge.

Once again, if you sponsor me, you will have my eternal gratitude (well, okay, I’ll like you for a very long time).

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Best wishes,



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