Cycling Presents That I Got For Christmas (By AD Montgomery, aged 38 and a half)

… Which is surely the sort of title that must surely get you very excited to read the rest of the blog post.

No matter. I’ve started so I’ll finish.

I don’t tend to receive a lot of Christmas cycling gifts from anyone except my sister and brother-in-law (what with him being a cyclist and all).

My mother, in particular, tends to be somewhat cynical about my cycling aspirations, so prefers not to encourage them. Her lack of gift ideas this year, combined with my helpfully-emailed list of cycling products, each with a handy link to the Wiggle website, seems to have resulted in a slight change in attitude.

And she now has a Wiggle account. Result.

Anyway, I thought I’d provide a quick list of wot I got, as a preview of potential longer reviews (assuming I can be arsed motivated to write them).

Quick note: This post contains affiliate links. If you click and buy something I get a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

A New Track Pump

My old pump is largely useless. Each ‘pump’ now generally results in a larger volume of air escaping the tire than going in.

I’ve been meaning to write a ‘best track pump’ post for some time, but never quite got round to it. Perhaps my unconscious self is telling me there aren’t many words to write about them.

I requested the LifeLine ‘Professional’ Track Pump over the ‘Essential’ one because I quite fancied a pump with a wooden handle and shiny silver body (not real silver). Also because, you know, professional…

Lifeline track pump in bag

Full review to follow (maybe…) but already I can say that it successfully inflated (without leakage) all the tires I’ve so far thrown at it (figuratively).

If you want to buy yourself one as a little post-Crimbo gifto, it looks like it’s in the sale (shh, don’t tell my mum), so represents good value for all that steel and wood.

A New Base Layer

I’m going to stop writing ‘A New’ at the start of each subheading.

I think 2018 is going to be the year of the base layer (for me…). Every year needs a theme. It’s all about the base. Etc.

I’ve had a Patagonia high-necked (but long-sleeved) base layer for some time (certainly pre-my interest in road cycling), plus a variety of ‘high wicking’ t-shirts that were all the rage in the 2000s (I got mine for entering a series of Nike 10k events in London in the middle of the decade).

More recently my mum (her again) accidentally bought me a merino mix base layer from Rohan (she bought it as a simple t-shirt, not realising its basey qualities). This has seen some good usage in conjunction with my recently-invested-in Castelli Perfetto jersey.

It felt like I needed another undergarment to round out the collection, so I went with this one from dhb (another Wiggle ‘own brand’). The interesting (yes, interesting) feature is the windproof panel that forms the front of the garment.

dhb aeron windproof base layer folded

I’m not sure I noticed the windproof panel when I was webbrowsing (and webselecting) for my list. It will be interesting to see if I notice a material (!ho ho ho!) difference in thermal performance. My first ride in it was relatively clement (relatively), so the jury is still out.

What I can say, early doors: the sizing is… fitted. Go a size up if you fancy breathing.

dhb Breton Classic Thermal Long Sleeved Jersey

I desired another long-sleeved jersey. You know, to clothe me ’pon all these winter rides I’ve been wittering on about.

dhb thermal jersey classic breton

I probably won’t write a longer review post for this one. It’s a fairly standard jersey made out of thermal ‘Roubaix’ lycra. I think it looks smart. Like most dhb products, it’s priced very competitively.

Stolen Goat Cycling Shorts

Oooh a new clothing brand enters the mix. And my wardrobe.

This one was a gift from my sister und brother-in-law.

Stolen goat bib shorts

Here my present suggestion didn’t need to be so prescriptive. Me and the b-in-law colluded over WhatsApp – he conveyed a desire for cycling sockage and (yes!) a technical base layer; me – a desire to broaden my bib short horizons.

The result (for me as a recipient) was a new pair of Stolen Goat bib shorts. ‘One piece construction’ means a distinct lack of seams. And thus a distinct lack of irritation (it says here).

And a big chunkee ass pad. Which it doesn’t say here.

I’m looking forward to trying them out. If they turn out to be game changers, well, expect a review (maybe).

Cycling Hook Thingummy

Finally, to round things out, my wife (maybe on behalf of the kids) bought me this funky cycling-themed set of hooks.

Cycling coat hooks

Apparently I am not to hang my cycling gear from them as “they are too nice to be hidden away”.

Little does my wife know that I now plan to procure some sort of cycling studio in the garden (I have my eye on a second hand ‘welfare’ unit – the sort used on building sites), where I will house these hooks (along with all my other cyclo-accoutrements).

An expensive ‘little something extra’ gift.

So, What Did You Get?

Right, that’s it for another year. Velosanta has been and gone.

All we’ve got to look forward to is (eventually) warmer weather and longer sunnier days. Bummer.

So, what cycling presents did you get this year? Or did you have to buy yourself a little something instead, perhaps in one of the (many) sales?

Let us know in the comments below.

23 thoughts on “Cycling Presents That I Got For Christmas (By AD Montgomery, aged 38 and a half)”

  1. Father Christmas was kind (and prescient) enough to bring me a laptop that’s up to running Zwift. Guess what I’ve been doing (when colds and work allow)? Oh, and the distaff side got a new bike 😆

  2. The Velominati ‘The Hardmen’ book – both motivating but also deeply dispiriting at the same time. Had to meditate deeply on rules 5 and 9 before getting back on the bike!

  3. A Scicon Rain/Race bag to carry all of my stuff so I dont arrive without at least one of everything. I hope this will avoid a repeat of the two identical contact lenses (Left Eye) fiasco from last year. I spent 4 hours trying to follow signs in a bit of a haze. Only got lost the once…..

  4. A set of Moon Merak lights for my ‘posh’ bike, a new tool box bottle (for my posh bike as well) and I bought myself a Sealskinz ‘Belgian’ style winter hat. Not much – but all needed!

  5. Hi Monty, wife bought me the Rapha book ‘Bird on the Wire’ about Tom Simpson. Read it by 27th – excellent read and beautifully illustrated. There was more to Tom than just his death

    • It was from Denstone Farm Shop and I can’t seem to find it easily on the internet. Another reader sent me a photo of his (in the US) so they must be generally available.

      • Cycling hooks
        From reader Tom Sweeney who has recommissioned his set of hooks from being a key holder to now holding his precious running medals.

  6. For one wondrous moment, I saw your first photo and thought it a cycle-fitting lightsaber, perfect to fend off those pesky close passes! I was reaching for the wiggle link, when I realised it wasn’t…sigh…..

    My cycling Xmas pressie (a stocking filler from Hubs) was a pair of DeFeet winter gloves. And very toasty they are too.

  7. Wife gave me cash and sent me out to choose my own. Presto! (Not presta). I picked up a nice pair of Sidi cycling shoes, and a Granfondo training program run by a LBS.

    • Very nice. My Specialized shoes could be due an upgrade soon – they’ve seen some abuse and I don’t clean them enough…

  8. Inspired by your post about long-sleeve winter tops (and one particular Perfetto), I went on the hunt for a long-sleeve jersey for my upcoming winter rides. The dhb Blok Windproof Softshell ( went on my list and I have worn it twice so far this year. Temperatures have been down near freezing, but the windproof outer, fleecy inner, and cuffs that I can tuck into my winter gloves have kept me toasty. The Strata design that I asked for includes reflective patterns for better visibility in low-light. Highly recommended!


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