Sponsorship and Advertising on Sportive Cyclist

Sportive Cyclist helps recreational road cyclists ride further and get faster.

If you think you have a product or service that would help my audience, I’d be delighted to hear about it.

Drop me a line via my contact page and we can have a chat.

As we all know, cycling is the new golf (so they say…)

Some Statistics (STATS! STATS! STATS!)

(As of December 2016)

Monthly unique visitors: 29,000 (November) – 51,000 (July)

Annual pageviews (2016): 573,888

Location of visitors:

  • US: 31.6%
  • UK: 28.6%
  • Australia: 5.9%
  • Canada: 5.1%

Number of email subscribers: 4,200

Facebook likes: 1,133 (post engagement is high)

What Do You Want To Do?

As long as it benefits my audience first and foremost, I’m happy to try anything.

Yes, anything (not really anything).

Do you have a product you’d like me to review?

Would you like to sponsor the blog? You’ll get an advertising spot as well a ‘thank you’ blog post (which gets sent to all my email subscribers).

Or would you simply like to have your advert shown prominently on the site?

Get in touch on my contact page.

A Few Notes On Sponsored Posts, Links and Stuff

Just so we’re clear, any sponsored posts will be clearly identified as such.

All links to your site will be ‘nofollow’ (that is, Googlebots won’t follow them; my audience members will follow them to your site just fine). My ‘linkjuice’* is weak, so this is no great loss to anyone.

(*Not just on the internet.)

I try not to swear but I do have a sense of humour that strays towards the puerile. If you don’t want your brand associated with toilet humour and 1980s song extracts, then this is not the blog you’re looking for (waves hand vaguely in front of your face).

Now what are you waiting for? Write me a cheque message.

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