Sportive Cyclist Pro: Join Me On My MAMILquest

You love cycling. You love getting out on your bike. If you only you had more time to ride.

You’ve decided to challenge yourself with a long sportive (maybe a century) later this year and you want to complete it strongly (and definitely not as a gibbering wreck).

The challenge is finding the time to train. You’ve got a busy job. You want to spend time with your partner and kids (or maybe it’s the other way round). There’s only so many hours you can commit to training, so you want to make them count.

If your time on the bike is limited, the time available to sift through all the training advice, in magazines, newspapers and the interwebs, is even more constrained. You just want to focus on what will work. Cut out all the chaff.

[BIG NEWS KLAXON!] I’ve just described myself and the position I find myself in RIGHT NOW.

I’m Forming A Tribe (Put On Your Lycra Loincloth)

I’m putting together a group of committed but time-constrained cyclists that want to ride stronger and longer.

Together we’ll follow a structured cycling training programme aimed at preparing you for whatever cycling challenge you’ve got planned, either this summer or in the next few years.

That might be the RideLondon 100-mile sportive at the end of July (that’s what I’ll be training for). Or another long distance sportive somewhere else.

I’d like you to join us.

Sportive Cyclist Pro

So What Do You Get?

This is more than just a training programme. You’ll get the support, encouragement and accountability that you need in order to stick to the plan and achieve your goal.

Whilst the programme isn’t about losing weight specifically, I’m confident you’ll slim down. You’ll definitely get fitter. You’ll be able to ride for longer without slowing down (a pretty fundamental requirement if you want to a boss a 100-mile sportive).

As a member of this training community (known as Sportive Cyclist Pro, or “SCP”), you’ll get:

  • each block of training in the plan, delivered as and when you need it – you won’t be overwhelmed with info
  • 10 focused videos (of me!) explaining the elements of the training, making sure you understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it
  • a private forum where you can ask questions of me and the other team members, share your experiences, offer encouragement, seek guidance and support
  • a private Strava group where we can share rides, give kudos, and make sure we’re all sticking to the plan

In short, I’ll combine the best features of one-on-one, structured coaching and a friendly cycling club, delivered via t’internet at a reasonable price.

(And it’s targeted specifically at riders in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond)

Who Is This For?

Well I can start with who this is not for.

It’s not for 20-year old aspiring professionals. The sort of training programme we’ll be following isn’t appropriate for someone with plenty of time on their hands.

It is for you, however, if:

  • you want to defy ol’ father time – you’re 40 now and you want to be riding strong into your 60s and 70s; or you’re already in your 60s and you want to keep beating those 40-year-old upstarts;
  • you’re motivated to improve your cycling performance, even if you may need the odd (virtual) push out of the door;
  • you’ve ridden your first sportive and now you want to go longer and tackle something more challenging;
  • you want to spend more time outside;
  • you’re looking to make your riding more social;
  • you’d like to lose weight;
  • you’re enthusiastic about cycling (life, the universe) and keen to share that enthusiasm with your fellow riders.

Wow, Mont, when you put it like that… but one question (okay, maybe four…):

Who Am I To Be Building This Programme?

In short, I’m a mediocre cyclist and a self-educated cycling non-coach.

What I do have though is an enquiring mind and a desire to help you achieve your cycling goal. (Also, GSOH)

I haven’t forgotten the struggle to build cycling fitness (how I can forget when I feel it each day). I know what it’s like to cut short a sportive because my legs are cramping halfway up a hill, with more climbing to come (truth).

I won’t intimidate you with my athletic prowess (chance would be a fine thing). Instead I will support and encourage you to achieve your goals and build your fitness.

Why Am I Charging Money For This?

Well, I’ve got an extension to our house to pay for.

More importantly, human psychology says that if you pay for something, you’re more likely to commit to it and, importantly, get the results:

  • To ride stronger for longer
  • To lose weight
  • To keep up with the youngsters, or the oldsters
  • To ride with more panache
  • To feel good on the bike.

All for less than the cost of a premium winter cycling jersey (that shall remain nameless…).

Do I Need An Indoor Trainer? Any Other Equipment?

No, you don’t need an indoor trainer. The programme won’t be prescriptive in terms of where the training takes place – outside or on a trainer. It’ll depend on you, the rider. What you have and how you want to do things. What times of day (or night…) you want to train.

In terms of equipment, all you really need is a bike and appropriate cycle clothing. A bike computer will help, as will a heart rate strap (or even a power meter), but it’s not a pre-requisite.

I’m In! How Much Does It Cost?

Oh right, yes. The cost is £99.

Which is great value for at season’s worth of training, accountability and support from a community of riders just like you, and my own peculiar brand of humour (plus I’ll answer all your training-related questions).

It’s lifetime access. You’ll be able to come back to use it next year and beyond (when I’ll have made it even better).

What Do I Do Next?

In order to secure your spot, all you have to do is click this button and then hit ‘I Want This!’.

Join Sportive Cyclist Pro

Now don’t dilly dally! The programme launches on Monday 2 April, at which point I’ll be closing it to new signups. There’s a breakaway from the peloton, and you need to be in it.

Here’s to keeping up with the young ‘uns (and showing them there’s life in the lycra-clad dog yet).

Disclaimification:  I’m not a qualified coach. I’m just an interested amateur rider sharing his training programme. Please don’t follow along blindly without considering your own state of health. If you’re in any doubt, consult your doctor.