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Do you enjoy road cycling but wish you could go a little faster? Maybe you’ve entered your first sportive and want to know how to prepare? Perhaps you’ve completed a few sportives and you’re looking to tackle a tougher challenge?

Grimpeur Heureux can help you.

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Faster. Longer. Stronger. Funner?

Grimpeur Heureux is a site dedicated to helping recreational road cyclists maximise enjoyment and improve performance when participating in sportives and other organised cycling events.

The Grimpeur Heureux (me!) is an enthusiastic recreational road cyclist and sportive participant who, sadly, was not born with the gifts of a natural pro cyclist. He understands your pain.

No Gits Allowed

Grimpeur Heureux welcomes all the cycling tribes and finds bike bores distasteful.

He provides a supportive environment in which you can share your cycling aspirations and concerns.

He (likes to think he) writes in an entertaining and engaging style.

He now wants to stop writing in the third person.

Help Me To Help You

So if, like me, you want to ride faster for longer, test the limits of your endurance, and simply have a great time on the bike, do join the Grimpeur Heureux community

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