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Sportive Cyclist is a website dedicated to helping you prepare for your next sportive.

I want to help you to:

  • find smart ways to carve out more time to train
  • use what time you do have to train effectively
  • shift that layer of ‘additional muscle’ around your midriff
  • discover the best way to climb hills, whether that’s in or out of the saddle (or walking up the side of the road)

And much more besides.

Why? Because I want to help myself with those exact same things.

My posts are packed with advice and information aimed squarely at supercharging your performance and quashing your demons. They’re entertaining as well (to some people at least).

As an email subscriber to the Sportive Cyclist you’ll receive each lovingly-crafted post direct to your email inbox as soon as it’s published (well, the following morning). You’ll receive no spam, no guff, no tripe.

As an added (Brucie) bonus, you’ll get free, subscriber-only access to the Sportive Cyclist’s Toolbox (studio audience: “whooh!”).

What is the Sportive Cyclist’s Toolbox you say? I thought you might ask that…

See My Toolbox, Hear Me Roar!

Sportive cyclists toolbox

I’ll be adding new resources to the toolbox regularly, making it a must-have ‘wiki’ for any self-respecting sportive cyclist. If you sign up right now, you’ll get access to:

  • 4 Steps To Your First Long Distance Sportive (56-page ebook);
  • 5 Cycling Apps To Boost Your Performance (3 of Them Are Free);
  • The Time-Starved Cyclist: How To Train When You’ve Got No Time

As a subscriber you’ll also receive an introductory sequence of messages that acquaints you with all the ‘vital’ information hidden deep within the bowels of the blog. Now there’s an offer you can’t refuse.

I’ll let you know each time I add a new resource to the Sportive Cyclist’s Toolbox. Next on the list is a worksheet to help time-starved cyclists find more time to train.

About The Author

My name is Monty and I’m absolutely unqualified to write a website dedicated to road cycling. And perhaps that’s why you should read it.

andrew montgomery sportive cyclistSeeking training advice can sometimes be intimidating, learning from athletically-blessed coaches that can’t really understand the needs and insecurities of novice and intermediate cyclists. My athletic ‘gifts’ mean that I’m destined to remain a mediocre cyclist. I feel your pain!

Like you, I don’t have limitless cash for buying bikes, clothing and equipment, or unlimited time in which to train.

With Sportive Cyclist, I want to help you achieve more with less.

So, To Summarise

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