The Sportive Cyclist Mission Statement (Ground Control To Major Mont)

Look out! I’m about to get all existential on yo’ ass.

In today’s post I’m going to talk about why I’m here.

Not here as in ‘on this earth’ (answer: happy accident).

Here as in why I’m here, coming into your eyes, via the medium of the internets:

  • Why I write the shizzle I do (and why I feel the need to share it).
  • What Sportive Cyclist stands for.
  • What this means for you (and your bike).

[Mounts soap box] “Hear ye! Hear ye! Silence you ‘orrible lot!”

I’m Not Drunk

Writers deal with writer’s block in different ways. Ernest Hemingway used a well-known training aid, red wine, to fuel his creativity (he would then edit whilst sober).

As I write this, it is 9.30am on a Friday morning. It’s the penultimate day of the school holiday so I have sole charge of our two kids. I’m not drunk. (Though I’ll admit I’m not exactly sure where the kids are).

Neither am I used any other substances to fuel this apparently introspective post (I have had two coffees, but c’est normal).

Why Is Sportive Cyclist Here?

Sportive Cyclist started as a personal blog to record my experiences training for the inaugural RideLondon 100, as well as a place for me to practice writing around at topic I’m passionate about*.

(*The Peruvian Nose Flute… I rapidly switched to cycling.)

The site had a French name, for reasons which now seem a little ridiculous (…it seemed like a good idea at the time…).

Since then, the blog has undergone a name change, a redesign, the self-publishing of my first book. This is my 108th post (more or less). People have even found some of the articles useful.

Now, my primary goal in writing Sportive Cyclist is to help other enthusiastic novice (and not so novice) riders achieve their cycling objectives. That might be to complete your first 100 mile event or to ride in next year’s Etape du Tour. Or maybe to add a couple of extra mph to your cruising pace.

I’m as happy offering encouragement to persevere with clipless pedals, as providing advice on the things I’d look at when purchasing a first ‘proper bike’.

To flesh out what that means, I thought I’d have a go at crafting some sort of mission statement for the blog.

My Mission (Which I’ve Chosen To Accept)

To encourage you (yes, YOU!) to DO MORE CYCLING.

To help you achieve whatever it is you want to achieve on your bike.

To make information on road cycling, training methods and equipment more entertaining to read, and less exclusive and intimidating for newer riders.

To provide encouragement and support; to help you get over the hump when things get hard.

To help you make cycling your keystone habit*.

(* I’ll talk more about keystone habits in the future, but for now, they’re habits that, once established, result in far-reaching lifestyle changes that are not necessarily explicitly linked to the original keystone habit).

To create and grow a community of enthusiastic, supportive community of riders, who believe that working together will help us to achieve our cycling goals more quickly.

Want To Join Me?

So that’s why I’m here; it’s hopefully why you’re here too.

Now. You’ve heard the mission.

Who’s in?

(Hint: if you are in, you’ll want to sign up to receive blog posts by email. To do that, enter your email address in the handy box below this post).

Monty - Sportive Cyclist
Monty is an enthusiastic road cyclist with only moderate talent. He started Sportive Cyclist in 2013 to record the journey to his first 100 mile ride, the RideLondon 100. Over time the blog has expanded to include training advice, gear reviews and road cycling tales, all from the perspective of a not-very-fit MAMIL. Since you're here, Monty would also like you to check out his YouTube channel. Also, Monty really needs to stop referring to himself in the third person.

2 thoughts on “The Sportive Cyclist Mission Statement (Ground Control To Major Mont)”

  1. Monty

    You are a deity in this house. One question. What’s in it for you? How do we, your everso’umble followers contribute to this enterprise?

    • That’s very kind Danielle. I’m not sure I’ve been described as a deity before (but then, who has?).

      What’s in it for me? Well, I enjoy writing, and I’d certainly like to turn the blog into a little business. I’ll be making training products and writing books in the future. Maybe you can stick around and give those a look, if and when I get around to making them?

      Either that or I can send you a SAE to fill with cash…


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