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6 thoughts on “We’re Almost Finished…”

  1. I shall be embarking on the London 100 bike ride and your tips are invaluable! The hills look daunting but the information you have given has more than prepared me!

    • Where to start? Only got a bike from decathlon (it has a basket) and furthest I’ve riden is 11 miles. I’ve a place in this year’s ride 100!

      I’ve managed to borrow a road bike. First thing to tick off list. However, I need a realistic training plan that fits I around motherhood, work and life! I am confident in as far as I a runner so have a good level of fitness but where do I start next?

      Thanking you in advance

  2. Thanks for your comparison. I do use MMR already. Strava was suggested to me, but I don’t want to pay a fee.
    I’d love to receive your tips re long rides.
    I am 70, and am finding it difficult to keep up with younger people on the 60k rides.

  3. First time in the site. I love cycling. I started gettting into it at age 32. Now i am 37. But im still in the game. I jave a murray bike. Does the job. I would like some free snack stop ot shelter to help with me cycling. I like more info on this. Text me on my email

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