What’s New On Sportive Cyclist: New Juicy Bone For Subscribers; Resources Update; Get Lean In July!


I’m excited. The tour is about to go through my home town. My cycling fitness is improving and my enthusiasm levels are high.

I’m also excited about the Sportive Cyclist blog. We’re nearly at 750 email subscribers now. Well over 20,000 people a month are visiting the site, which makes it more populous than the Republic of Palau.

In this post I’ll let you know about a few important additions to the blog (more free stuff for subscribers, a facelift to my recommended gear page) and what I’ve been/will be writing about (cycling for 31 days straight, getting lean and mean in July).

Vive le vélo!

New Addition To The Sportive Cyclist’s Toolbox

You did know that email subscribers get ‘special services’ here on the Sportive Cyclist blog, right? Very special…

(Relax. I’m not about to turn up at your house with my home-made massage table and The Idiot’s Guide To Being A Tour de France Soigneur.)

((Don’t relax. I am. That’s me at the door.))

Okay, the real answer is that email subscribers get free access to my Sportive Cyclist’s Toolbox (my toolbox! fnar fnar!).

I’ve just added a new resource to the digital folder. It’s a nicely formatted pdf of the awesome training guide produced by pro cyclist and coach, Tom Metcalfe, “The Time-Starved Cyclist: How To Train When You’ve Got No Time”.

The guide got great feedback when it went up as a post. Now subscribers can easily print it out for bedtime reading and easy reference.

‘The Time-Starved Cyclist’ joins the other two resources currently in the toolbox, ‘4 Steps To Your First Long Distance Sportive’ and ‘5 Best Cycling Apps (Of Which 3 Are Free)’. I’ll be adding even more valuable info to the ‘box as time goes on.

Long story short, if you’re not an email subscriber, you should be. Enter your email here.

PS. Did I mention that all this stuff is free?

Resource Page Has Been Shuzzed Up A Bit

You may be interested to know what kit I use. (No? Fair enough.)

For those that are interested, I have a ‘Recommended Gear’ page. The link is on the menu bar at the top of each page on the site. For ease, here’s a quick link to it now.

Anyway, I’ve smartened it up a bit, updating some of the recommendations and generally removing some of the unnecessary words.

My 30 Days Of Cycling Challenge Is Almost Complete

They said it couldn’t be done (they didn’t). That he wouldn’t last the course. But Montgomery proved the naysayers wrong (there were no naysayers).

After tonight’s session on the turbo, I’ll have cycled on every day in June (plus the last day in May)*. It’s a shame that the final session had to be a static one, but with my wife working until late, I’m housebound. Still, I plan to test my new-found ‘form’ with a longer outside ride on Wednesday.

I’ll publish a post with my overall results, plus some thoughts on the pros/cons of a challenge like this, later this week. In the meantime, you can have a squizz at the post that started it all, as well as my weekly updates, below:

My confession

Week 1 update

Week 2 update

Week 3 and a bit update

Keep On Moving, Don’t Stop (Til The Break Of Day)

As one challenge endeth, another starts.

July is ‘Getting Lean For Performance’ month on Sportive Cyclist (or perhaps a slightly catchier title, if I can think of one).

I previewed the topic in my ‘Week 3 and a bit’ update, but essentially I’ll be sharing what I’ve learnt from the excellent book, Racing Weight: How To Get Lean For Peak Performance, as well as discussing my own progress trying to follow the advice it contains.

I’ve just bought (with my accrued Nectar points, of all things) a Fitbit Aria – a set of scales that measures weight and fat percentage and then sends the data, via WiFi, to the Fitbit tracking app. I’m afraid you’re about to become privy to some personal details about me that you may rather not know. I might even share an unflattering ‘before’ photo… (cue the scratching out of eyes, smashing of monitors, slinging of ipads).

Exciting Times. Subscribe. Don’t Miss Out

As you can see, there’s plenty going on here at Sportive Cyclist.

Whilst I write about my time doing 30 day challenges, and attempting to ‘lean up’, the ultimate aim of this blog is to help you achieve your cycling aims, whether that’s to lose weight, improve the quality of your training, get more comfortable in the hills.

To give yourself the best chance of doing that, do sign up to receive Sportive Cyclist by email and make sure you don’t miss a single post.

You’ll get access to the aforementioned Sportive Cyclist’s Toolbox, plus you’ll be on the list of go-to people when I decide what cycling resource to produce next.

Just enter your email address in the sign up box underneath this post.

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