What’s Next For The Grimpeur Heureux?

Having completed RideLondon, my first imperial century ride (which you can read about here), a lot of people have asked what my next challenge will be.

Okay, some people.

Two people (my wife and my mother, neither of whom read this blog).

So I guess I’ll have to tell you.


The Grimpeur’s Next Big Cycling Challenge Will Be…

[drumroll; melodic chorus of Peruvian nose flautists]

… I don’t know.


The truth is, it’s too early to say (which means I haven’t decided).

As far as the rest of 2013 goes, I’ll definitely be doing some more sportives around the Peak District.

In September, the plan is to do the John “Tommo” Thompson Memorial Ride*, with my sister and her fiance. This will be my most local event yet (the route passes through Ashbourne and takes in many of the climbs that I ‘train’ on).

My knee issues appear to have been resolved, at least as far as cycling is concerned (thanks to all those that offered bike fit and pedal advice – particularly the tough love that came from Stu, Martha and Giles). This means that I can target longer, more challenging sportives.

I plan to do the longer version of the “Tommo” sportive (125km, with 2,500m of ascent). After that I’ll be looking to go longer, higher and harder. Ahem.

* I was a big fan of Cold Feet, so I was sad to hear of his passing. I’m glad we can honour him with a hilly sportive in the Peak District.

L’Éléphant Dans La Pièce

So what does 2014 hold?

I’ll be looking to increase my training volume and intensity. I’ll attempt to do this in a structured fashion, rather than loading up on junk miles.

I’ll certainly be doing more sportives.

Like the entire cycling population of Great Britain, I’ve entered the ballot for a place on RideLondon 2014. If I get in, then I’d like to improve my time significantly over this year’s event. I’d like to think that 5½ hours is feasible (for me – obviously it’s feasible for a lot of other people). If I don’t get in through the ballot, I’ll have to think whether I want to ask friends and family to support me once again with a charity place.

Which just leaves us with the big question: what will be my big cycling focus of 2014?

Can you hear that noise? The whispering sound. Getting louder and louder. Ever more insistent. Smelling faintly of cheese and red wine.

A mysterious Frenchman.

L’homme de Del-Monty, dit-il, “L’Etape. Faites l’Etape”.

Fin. Fromage.

What’s Next For The Grimpeur Heureux Blog?

I’ve got lots of exciting plans for the blog. I’ve relished writing it. I think hope people have enjoyed reading it and found it useful.

The eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed that the design of the site has had a bit of an overhaul in recent days.

The main aim has been to make reading and navigation as easy as possible for readers. The new format should be a lot easier to read for those using smartphones and tablets.

The new design is still a little bland. Over the coming months I’ll look to make things a little more visually stimulating. I might even invest in a logo for the site. Ooh, get me.

In terms of content, I’ll look to maintain the current balance of advice, informational posts and my personal cycling story. The focus will remain on recreational road cycling and sportives. Whether I get a place or not, I’m sure to write about the build up to RideLondon 2014.

If you have any suggestions for topics you’d like me to write about, then let me know (either in the comments below or by emailing me directly).

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8 thoughts on “What’s Next For The Grimpeur Heureux?”

  1. Forget L’Étape, do La Marmotte. It’s harder, and awesome. And it starts and finishes in the same place. Or Maratona dles Dolomiti (keen, by the way). Well done on your mention from RideLondon …. perhaps the other thing you could shoot for is covering the TdF….

  2. I’ve just discovered your blogs and I must say that they have made great reading. I’m taking part in this years RideLondon and your comments about Leith Hill (I’ve not done it yet) and Box Hill (your zig/zag info made it a doddle) has been most helpful. Keep up the good work


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